Collective For Youth

One of CFY’s major initiatives is to expand Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) partnerships and programs in the Omaha metro.


Understanding the Need for STEM

The last decade has seen growing interest in the need to develop STEM skills in young people. Today’s world requires a greater level of STEM literacy to make decisions about complex issues. There is growing concern that the United States is not producing enough STEM literate citizens to meet our needs, especially as compared to other countries.

Nebraska has worked hard to develop and support businesses that require high skill, high wage, and high demand workers to stay competitive. However, without a talented workforce, these businesses can’t continue to grow. That is why out of school time STEM programs are so important. They can play a huge role in building the talent pipeline our Nebraska businesses need to thrive in the future.

Investing In Our Future Workforce
A recent study by the Omaha Chamber of Commerce found that “we don’t have enough people living and working in Nebraska to support or sustain the accelerated economic growth we envision. We need to grow our workforce by engaging every level of student in Nebraska with the necessary skills for success in the 21st century.”

Building an Ecosystem of Opportunity
We are proud to be a part of the evolving Omaha STEM Ecosystem. It is critical that our community meet the growing need for bright, inquiring and knowledgeable minds. In Omaha, a collaborative partnership that spans many community sectors has already surfaced to proactively address this challenge.

Numerous stakeholders, including educational organizations, businesses and community advocacy groups, are meeting and working together regularly to enhance STEM educational pathways and initiatives across Omaha and the region. There is growing momentum to deliver STEM learning for all children and enable young people to become engaged, knowledgeable and skilled in STEM disciplines. Exciting times!